Private Lesson

1 instructor 1 student (all equiment included)

3 hours = 2250kr (750kr per hour)

4 hours = 2790kr

8 hours = 4790kr

10 or more hours (the rate per hour will be 530kr)

After many years of experience, I will say that the best way to learn kitesurfing is a private lesson, because the whole focus is on the student, you learn faster and you will have all the time for yourself. I will recommend this lesson for people who has practiced some sports before or are in good shape and can handle some hours physical activity

Semi-private Lesson

1 instructor 2 students (all equipment included)

3 hours = 1548kr (per person)

4 hours = 1964kr (per person)

8 hours= 3592kr (per person)

10 o more hours (the rate per hour will be 430kr)

The semi-private lesson is great for people that not necessarily do sports regularly. You will share the time with another student, and have time to rest and learn by watching the other person while you wait for your turn.

Refresh Lesson

The refresh lesson is for them that has already been independent or took the course and haven’t been out for a while, and you will need to use your own equipement.

1 hour = 600kr

2 hours = 890kr

3 hours = 1190kr

The course includes the following:

-Fill the waive form

-SEA (Spot environment activity) assessment

-Holding, carrying and secure the kite on land

-Kite set up

-Safety systems

-Pre-flight check

-Launching/landing as an assistant

-Piloting and exploring the wind window

-Full control one hand / two hands

-Trim discovery


-Walking with the kite

-Body dragging (all techniques)



-Steady pull

-Water start


*Prices are without vat. (25%)

*You will steer and have 100% control of the kite, when we are in the water

*After the course you will be added to a whatsapp group with others new/intermediate and advanced riders. The great community to get out in the water often and get to know others kitesurf buddys.