The equipment available for rental is the same I use for the lessons.


The conditions for rental of kitesurf equipment are: 500kr or your passport for the deposit you will get it back after you return it and it will be checked for any damage. And you MUST be a independent kitesurfer

List of prices for items or packages of the kitesurf equipment

Half day (5 hours)Day (10 hours)
Kite only 500krKite only 1000kr
Bar 300krBar 400 kr
Harness 250 krHarness 300kr
Board 300krBoard 400kr
Wetsuit 100krWetsuit 200kr
Helmet 50krHelmet 70kr
Vest 50krVest 70kr
Impact vest 100krImpact vest 150
Package for everything is 1500krPackage for everything is 2200kr