As first you will fill up the waivier form provided by the instructor

  • If there’s bad weather or tide conditions that affects the lesson, the booking will be rescheduled with out cost for you. You will be able to book alternative dates on which to return and complete your training. Please note that it is not possible to offer refunds for weather or sea state related cancellations.
  • All decisions regarding the running or cancellation of any course is only at the discretion of the course instructor.
  • The courses I offer are both tide and weather dependent.
  • Any fees paid will be refunded if the participant makes a cancellation more than 1 week before the course is to commence. Within 1 week of the course commencement fees paid will be refunded as followed : 1 week-72 hours = 75% of a 3 booked hours lesson ; 72 hours-24 hours = 50% of a 3 booked hours lesson ; 24 hours-3 hours = 25% of a 3 booked hours lesson. Less than 12 hours = 0% of a 3 booked hours lesson.
  • A failure to attend a booked course without notice will considered a cancellation & will be subject to the condition above.

At the end of the course you will be certified by your instructor at IKO with the level you have adquire in the last lesson (that’s means you’ll be reconigsed as a kitesurfer and you could rent equipment or other advantages around the world , and if you took a long course with more than 15 hours you will receive a document with the history of the course and level you reached